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My family migrated from USSR (Soviet Union) occupied Ukraine in the winter of 1988, right before the collapse. Six months after immigrating to the United States, I was born. 

I have been creating content since 2003, and currently, live in Asheville, NC where I co-own a film company "Fesiuk Films".


The latest project I worked on as the Director of Photography in the film “Rosebud Lane”, which has brought home “Best Feature Film” at the Golden State Film Festival. Through this film and other projects, I have shown that I can create a beautiful image with minimal equipment. This is what I will bring to your project. My aim is to give my all to every project. 

David Fesiuk



  • The Rebirth of Kool - Series - In Production | Producer, Director of Photography

  • Rosebud Lane - Feature - 2022 | Director of Photography

  • Origins Untold: Ancient Cosmology - Feature - 2024 | Producer, Director, Director of Photography​

  • Heliosorcery 2 - Feature - In Production | Director of Photography

  • Orion - Short - 2023 | Producer, Director, Director of Photography

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