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Sarah Rachel Fesiuk was born in Peoria, Illinois. After graduating from High School, she took a few years off before beginning college, Sarah decided to move away from Peoria in search of inspiration for her dreams of film and writing, and in late August of 2009, Her decision was between Los Angeles, California, and Asheville, North Carolina. Uncertain of immediate success in LA, she uprooted herself and planted in Asheville.


Sarah went on to study journalism and mass communication at AB-Tech College and The University of North Carolina. Because of her unique gifts and experience, she had become the co-founder of Fesiuk Films in 2016, as a writer, and an award-winning director.

Sarah Rachel Fesiuk



  • The Rebirth of Kool - Series - In Production | Producer, Director

  • Origins Untold: Ancient Cosmology - Feature - 2024 | Producer, Director

  • Rosebud Lane - Feature - 2022 | 1st Assistant Camera

  • Heliosorcery 2 - Feature - In Production | 1st Assistant Camera

  • Orion - Short - 2023 | Producer, Director

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