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Enter The Zoot Suit Riot

Short Film

Enter The Zoot Suit Riot - Short Film
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This short film was created by local artists and was filmed locally.

The film takes place in 1943, in wartime East Los Angeles, in a drama revolving a true-life event dubbed “The Zoot Suit Riots.” After a media-frenzy that flamed already scorching race tensions between Caucasian servicemen on shore leave and Mexican Americans living in East Los Angeles, a riot broke out that shook Los Angeles to its very core. Kool, a Mexican American nightclub owner, searches out his mother to evacuate her from her East L.A. home, to flee from the mobs of rampaging soldiers, only to be caught in the wake of the madness. But amiss this grand scourge, we find that there are good people on both sides. The film brings this compelling story to life in a “never-seen-before” fashion, fusing the look and feel of the 1940’s, with today’s music and dance. Be prepared to “Enter the Zoot Suit Riot!”

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Release Year



Musical / Historical


Sarah Rachel Fesiuk


Otto Vazquez


Otto Vazquez, Jessica Wharton-Vazquez, David Fesiuk, Sarah Rachel Fesiuk 

Based on

Otto Vazquez's novel "Rebirth Of Kool"


Otto Vazquez, Raymond Masciota, Kelvin Green, Madelaine Wilson, Sophie Scott, Samuel Hooper, Sharon Cash

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