Hey, David and Sarah here. We are partners in Fesiuk Films, as well as, partners in Life. Our God-given talents and artistic abilities brought Fesiuk Films into existence. We love to travel around the world to build new ideas and to better inspire our work.

Meet Your Visionaries:


David's Story:

David Fesiuk's family migrated from the USSR (Soviet Union) in the winter of 1988, right before the collapse. The Fesiuk Family stayed in RomeItaly not knowing if they were heading to the United States or Israel. During their six month wait, a church in Buffalo, New York decided to sponsor them. Six months after immigrating to the United States, David Fesiuk was born on November 4th, 1989. After three years in Buffalo, New York, David and his family moved out searching for warmer and prettier landscapes, to finally discover Asheville, NC. In 2003, David started to build interest in the art of film making. David graduated from Penn Foster High SchoolSlavic Missionary Bible School and The Center of Massage And Natural Health. In 2011, he decided he would fully pursue film.

Sarah's Story:

Sarah Rachel Riddle was born on January 10th, 1986 in Peoria, Illinois. She graduated from Metamora Township High School in 2004. After taking a few years off from school before beginning college, Sarah decided to move away from Peoria in search of inspiration for her dreams of acting, writing, film, blogging and singing in late August of 2009. Her decision was between Los Angeles, California and Asheville, North Carolina. Uncertain of immediate success in LA, she uprooted herself and planted in Asheville. Sarah went on to study journalism and mass communication at AB-Tech College and The University of North Carolina, Asheville.

On June 6, 2015, David Fesiuk and Sarah Rachel Riddle married in the front yard of David's parent's house. Because of the unique gifts, talents, and experience both David and Sarah had individually; the following year, they created Fesiuk Films Production Company.


  Our Motto:

                  "We will work with excellence. We will stand before kings."

                                                                                                                                  Proverbs 22:29

Fesiuk Films is a production company created in January of 2016 by its founders, David and Sarah Fesiuk. Fesiuk Films uses a cinematography style to capture
Feature FilmsShort FilmsLuxury Wedding VideosCommercialsMusic VideosLogos, and 3D Images.

Our Mission:

We at Fesiuk Films are storytellers. When it comes to our work, we spend extra time creating and capturing details that will best portray our client's vision. To us, it is not about quantity but the quality of our finished projects. Our mission is to influence others how important the smallest details are to our daily lives. Get out. Do more. See more. Be more than you were yesterday.