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Jenna & Ross | Chestnut Ridge Events - Canton, North Carolina

"Jenna, our past is short which means our future is long and promising. And I vow to fill it with laughter, love, and adventure. And along the way, I promise to challenge you, to inspire you, and to smile with you. There will be hard times. Yet, we will get through them. And there will be great times. And we will relive them. It's a great big world and I can't wait to share it all with you. I love you, wholeheartedly, unconditionally." - Ross

"Can I kiss him now? haha!" - Jenna

Jenna & Ross's wedding day at Chestnut Ridge was absolutely beautiful in the rainy mountains of North Carolina. We cannot get over how perfect these two are for each other. While editing their collection and watching their story unfold, all you see is how immensely these two adore each other. Seriously! Also, they share an amazing skill in salsa dancing that we are absolutely thrilled to showcase in their love story. It'll make you want to go out and learn the dance yourself! =D Congrats again, Jenna & Ross! We are so very happy you had us there and even more happy to be able to create your love story and entire wedding collection. We know you two will love rewatching everything... again and again! We wish you the best in this life! =P Enjoy & Share everyone. =)

Wedding Date | October 25th, 2019

Wedding Season | Fall

Cinematography | Fesiuk Films

Planner | Mingle Events

Location | Canton, North Carolina

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We are Award Winning Filmmakers We are Luxury Destination Wedding Cinematographers. We don't make wedding videos. We create cinematic love stories. We take high priority in understanding the importance of filming raw feelings, unexpected moments, and capturing vivid details surrounding your wedding day. We can't imagine you not being able to hear and see yourselves exactly as your are in this moment.. twenty years from now.


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