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Georgia & Chase | Graggy Gardens | Asheville, North Carolina

EPIC! Georgia & Chase's elopement wedding day was nothing but EPIC! We had no idea what was going to happen with their evening ceremony in Craggy Gardens since it was heavily raining all that afternoon, but it turned out super sunny and super beautiful! The fog started to roll in, but that was not going to stop these two cuties from enjoying a hike up to the top of the mountain and it was well worth it! Priceless, their first look is probably one of the funniest we have seen yet too! Haha. Georgia & Chase, thank you so much for inviting us to come out and capture your amazing day! Congratulations again, we wish nothing but the best as you spend more miles together. Enjoy & Share. =D

"Georgia, Here we are... miles away from our home and years away from where our story first began. We started driving that night and we never stopped. From the Colorado mountains to the valleys in Utah and now here we stand in North Carolina and tomorrow we head up the eastern coastline... And I am still not tired of riding in the car with you!" =D -Chase

Wedding Date | September 28th, 2019

Wedding Season | Fall

cinematography | Fesiuk Films

Hair & Makeup | AE Studios

Location | Craggy Gardens - Asheville, North Carolina

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We are Award Winning Filmmakers We are Luxury Destination Wedding Cinematographers. We don't make wedding videos. We create cinematic love stories. We take high priority in understanding the importance of filming raw feelings, unexpected moments, and capturing vivid details surrounding your wedding day. We can't imagine you not being able to hear and see yourselves exactly as your are in this moment.. twenty years from now.


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