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Rachel & Michael | Glen Manor House | Newport, Rhode Island

Wow. Wow. Wow! What a perfect, sweet, and fun couple! We enjoyed every second with these two in Newport, Rhode Island from their rehearsal dinner to their wedding day. It was so easy to capture their magnetic love and the atmosphere from their beautiful day. They couldn't have picked a better venue, Glen Manor, to celebrate such a special union and remember life(dedicated to two amazing dads). We thank you both so so much for having us! We wish you nothing but the best! Congratulations again, Rachel & Michael. =P Enjoy and share!

"Rachel, at various times during our relationship, I've tried to pinpoint that exact time I fell in love with you. As I've thought about it, I've come to realize, there is no singular moment that I knew I loved you. Rather, every moment that we have spent together, and every up and down that we have endured, has led me to love you a little more and a little more every single day. As I take you to be my wife, I promise to continue to fall in love with you for the rest of my life." - Michael

Wedding Date | August 24th, 2019

Wedding Season | Summer

cinematography | Fesiuk Films

Hair & Makeup | New Leaf Hair Studio

Officiant | Charlie Cavalconte

Florist | Fig & Squill

Location | Newport, Rhode Island

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We are Award Winning Filmmakers We are Luxury Destination Wedding Cinematographers. We don't make wedding videos. We create cinematic love stories. We take high priority in understanding the importance of filming raw feelings, unexpected moments, and capturing vivid details surrounding your wedding day. We can't imagine you not being able to hear and see yourselves exactly as your are in this moment.. twenty years from now.

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