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Sabrina & Kareem | Longleaf Vineyard | Marshall, North Carolina

"Lord you are good and your mercy endures forever. We pray a special blessing on this union. Whose steps were ordered by you... would bring them together.God, we pray your presence in their lives. We pray, that their relationship with you is enriched. And if they are committed to you... they will be committed with each other."

What an elegant fun wedding at the venue Longleaf Vinyard! Survivor runner up, Sabrina married her lifelong partner, Kareem in such a special ceremony and had a blast celebrating their union late into the evening! =P What a beautiful Great Gatsby themed wedding! Congratulations again, Sabrina & Kareem! We are thankful and proud to have been chosen to capture such a treasured memory and we know you two will love reliving these memories until our time here on earth ends! Enjoy & Share friends!

Wedding Date | April 27th, 2019

Wedding Season | Spring

cinematography | Fesiuk Films

Transport | Backcountry Butler

Location | Marshall, North Carolina

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We are Award Winning Filmmakers We are Luxury Destination Wedding Cinematographers. We don't make wedding videos. We create cinematic love stories. We take high priority in understanding the importance of filming raw feelings, unexpected moments, and capturing vivid details surrounding your wedding day. We can't imagine you not being able to hear and see yourselves exactly as your are in this moment.. twenty years from now.


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