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"We pray at the end of life's journey, they will look at each other and know that they have loved deeply, cared fully, and grown wise in the light of God's love." Angela and Damion's wedding day was quite the romantic cozy wedding at the Biltmor...

Diamond Time Wedding Trio We are lovers, plain and simple. And as lovers, Diamond Time Wedding Trio loves nothing more than to help couples celebrate their marriage by providing the live soundtrack for your special day. As professional mu...

Hidden River Events Farm * Forever * After Hidden River Events is a 20+ acre farm and all-inclusive wedding events venue with onsite vacation rental housing for nearly 80 guests, located in rustic North Carolina surrounded by Blue Ri...

Slip away to the comfort and seclusion of the Possum Trot Inn, an 18th Century Victorian mansion nestled into the lush mountain countryside in the historic town of Burnsville, North Carolina.

This warm and cozy château is the perfect setting for groups of friends, wedd...

"Jenna, our past is short which means our future is long and promising. And I vow to fill it with laughter, love, and adventure. And along the way, I promise to challenge you, to inspire you, and to smile with you. There will be hard times. Yet, we will get throug...

"We are gathered here together family and friends in the presence of the Most Holy to be with Irene and Michael as they declare their enduring love for one another. And realize too that the thunder you hear is far enough away... that we are good." Irene & M...

"As it turns out... it's quite difficult to come up with something original to say about love. Love is awful. It's awful! It's painful. It's frightening. It makes you judge yourself. It makes you doubt yourself. It makes you say and do things you n...

EPIC! Georgia & Chase's elopement wedding day was nothing but EPIC! We had no idea what was going to happen with their evening ceremony in Craggy Gardens since it was heavily raining all that afternoon, but it turned out super sunny and super beautiful! The fog sta...

The Arden First Baptist invite videos

"There are two things that will live forever that I am aware of... The Word of God and souls of people, The Word of God and souls of people. I want to invest my life in that." - Timothy Brown

Arden First Baptist Church Info found her...

Wow. Wow. Wow! What a perfect, sweet, and fun couple! We enjoyed every second with these two in Newport, Rhode Island from their rehearsal dinner to their wedding day. It was so easy to capture their magnetic love and the atmosphere from their beautiful day. They could...

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