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Dana & Alex | Gardens at Uncanoonuc Mountain | Goffstown, New Hampshire

"I want you to know one last thing before we become husband and wife. R. M. Drake once said, "I will love you with every bit of everything that has ever consumed me. I will forever love you and forever find you. Every lifetime and so on. 'Til the stars die out and the universe leaps but even then... my love will remain. See you at the alter my love."

Dana & Alex had such a memorable early lunch Garden themed wedding in the mountains of New Hampshire. We truly enjoyed capturing the essence of their love for each other. :D Notes to take away from their day, horses are always magical and nothing beats bringing in a known singer-songwriter to really set the mood. Dana & Alex, we thank you for having us travel into your mountains to film such a special memory, one to last a lifetime. Congratulations again, you two! Enjoy & Share! :P

Wedding Date | August 18th, 2018

Wedding Season | Summer

cinematography | Fesiuk Films

Planner | Wild + Wed

Special Artist | Sam Woolf

Catering | Roots at Robies

Location | Goffstown, New Hampshire

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We are Award Winning Filmmakers We are Luxury Destination Wedding Cinematographers. We don't make wedding videos. We create cinematic love stories. We take high priority in understanding the importance of filming raw feelings, unexpected moments, and capturing vivid details surrounding your wedding day. We can't imagine you not being able to hear and see yourselves exactly as your are in this moment.. twenty years from now.


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